Nicaraguan Yota Champions

Today is the day that many people will remember as the day they become “Yota Champions”, normal people getting the highest speed Internet connection in Nicaragua provided by this new enterprise “Yota“.

As you may know, Yota works with WiMAX technology that offers high speed connection, such a new thing for Central America. Nicaraguan twitters were talking about the invitations all day long and how much they would pay for one of this modems with connections over 2Mbps and download rates of 300Kbps.

Everybody (Yota Champions) were happy until they got home and figured out nobody has any WiMAX signal, that’s bad… really bad. (not for me, I don’t have a modem 🙁 )
Reading some twetts I realize that is no such thing as 80% of Yota coverage in Managua.

The real thing, I have no modem and yes I envy them.

Wanna follow some Yota Champions and hear them cry? @rm3na @ajulloa @jorgecerda @n0rman @jimbodoors @penalba @gandulo and why not follow me!

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