FLISOL 2010: recruiting installers

FLISOL 2010 is around the corner, it’s the 4th time Nicaragua participate in this event that is also taking place in all Latin America countries.

This year I’m been selected to coordinate the installers area, the most important part of the festival, so this is why I’m recruiting people who wants to participated installing GNU/Linux in strangers computers ­čÖé

What are we gonna need:

  1. Experienced installers, don’t need to be a monster… just a little bit.
  2. A lot of installation discs. (preferably the most popular distributions)
  3. 1 or 2 network repositories (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSuSE of course. Volunteers?)

If you would like to be part of the “Installers –Rock Stars– Team” please post a command comment saying you will with name and e-mail.


Danm, I forgot the most important part.

  • Date: Sat, April 26th
  • Where: UNAN- Managua* (There’s gonna be 3 others places Granada, Le├│n and Estel├ş)

*headquarters in Managua is not yet confirmed

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15 thoughts on “FLISOL 2010: recruiting installers

  1. meztafari says:

    Oe Marconi!
    Quien estara a cargo en Esteli?

    Mandame alguna info..


  2. Hey Bro! Te vas a (apintar) apuntar con la sede de Estel├ş?

    Revisando la ├║ltima acta de reuni├│n me doy cuenta que la tercera sede esta entre Estel├ş y Le├│n.


  3. JorSol says:

    I have installed apt-cacher-ng in my laptop with a pretty decent cache in 32 and 64 bits of Ubuntu 9.10… if needed it can be used with Debian too.

  4. Sadly Ubuntu 10.04 is lunched until April 29 according to Wikipedia.

    So we need to decide about what version are we going to use.

  5. JorSol says:

    Yes, it's sad… but I vote to use Ubuntu 9.10 instead of Ubuntu 10.04 RC because is more stable and tested…

  6. teoten says:


    joe74 at fedoraproject.org

  7. @teoten: What about Fedora? I had heard about some hw problems specially with network. Do you have it under control?

    We need a openSuSE user. Decks?

  8. teoten says:

    nope… no hw problems in Fedora 12. What you heard may be related to Fedora 13 Alpha.

  9. @teoten: what would you need to build a Fedora 12 local repository?

  10. teoten says:

    @Marconi: Fedora Nicaragua already has an up to date repo with free and non-free packages. If you mean requirements, there'll be none.

    I just have to ask Neville to have this repo available for FLISOL 2010. I guess it won't be a problem at all.

  11. paso Marconi, loco me apunto al area de instalacion.

  12. Oe me apunto al area de instalacion.

  13. oe se me olvidaba en la cede de aca de Managua me apunto, en el install fest si.

  14. @ndr3s says:

    Hola me gustaria ser parte del equipo de instalaci├│n, el a├▒o pasado participe en el SFD, mi mail es armonge@gmail.com

  15. Alkpone says:

    Hola, Marconi Soy Alfonso Miranda, actualmente tengo un par de proyectos con Cloud Computing que me gustaria presentarte, y que puedan participar en tus proyectos de FLISOl en Nicaragua. He intentado localizarte anteriormente.

    Espero saber de ti. ASAP.

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