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In the most recet tme who you consider your must beloved teacher: Wikipedia or Yourtube?

When I was young in my twenties most of the world’s knowledge was concentrated in a single website “Wikipedia”. An almost plain text webpage linked upside down and left to right. I can clearly remember my friend Denis downloading the 15 x 700mb CDs that Wikipedia provided to their users so you can use the enciclopedia offline. (Did the word offline gave you goosebumps too?).

For years Wikipedia keeps in the top five of every Google search, you had to be really focused to not spend your time in the computer following links

Nowadays things has changed a lot, if I need to find out how to do something at home or an algebra homework first thing is ask Youtube for it.

Youtube has became a great teacher, I have heard of boys learning to play the gitar by just watching videos, a girl compiting in a break dance competition who learned to dance watching videos, make up, home repair, tech, people telling their experiences living in a new country, news, sports, politics, everyting.

As in Dantes Inferno, there’s another ring in this paint Live Streming. I won’t go down there for today.

Video has something special because everybody wants to do it. All the big companies had developed a video streaming platform in one or other way. Facebook has it, Instagram has it, Twitter has it, even LinkedIn has it.

Some time ago I heard about a book named Streampunks: YouTube and the Rebels Remaking Media that I would like to read to know more about this phenomenon, but in the meantime you can hear this interview with it author YouTube Chief Business Office Robert Kyncl.

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