Updating Home GUI

By this days I’ve been thinking about improve the view of the front side of my house, at first was trying to create my own design but then I released that I’m not an architect not even a interiors designer that’s why we decided to hire a professional and I should say we’re very happy with the first proposal.

With this I’m trying to say, if you want something done, do it yourself, but if you want something well done look for a professional.

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2 thoughts on “Updating Home GUI

  1. Solecito says:

    Jejejeje… Completamente de acuerdo. Me hubiese gustado leer que tan "diferente" del diseño del profesional estaba el tuyo.


  2. piyey says:

    If you wanna some done right, you gotta doit your self!

    Naaaaa… si no es lo tuyo ni que le reces a mayuya jajaja

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