Tricky Websphere!

Hi there, by this time I want to share with a helpful discoveries trick for WAS admins.

  • Disable auto start of applications.

When your application server has too many applications deployed, you have to face the long time it takes to restart. This is because WAS is starting up all applications deployed, in some cases you may only need a few applications started up when restarting and avoid the waste of time with the other apps not critical or needed. What you have to do is disable auto start on that applications.

Menu: Applications / Enterprise Applications and select the applications which you don’t want to auto start.

Then use the link Target specific application status and will see something like this, where you should select the target where the app is deployed, then click in Disable Auto Start button.

If you want to do some tests, restart your WAS and verify that the app selected won’t start automatically during the WAS start.

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