Using Poor Tapes in DataProtector

Recently, I’ve been trough a huge quantity of backup jobs failing because of POOR TAPES.

A Poor tapes, is a tape that should not be used to write more backup in. This may happen because many reasons:

  • A hardware error when a backup is running.
  • Maximum overwrite reached.

If second is the reason why your tape has gone poor, there is nothing else to do. It’s not safe to continue backing up in this tape, but if first… it’s annoying when a half used tape is marked as poor beacuse of an error, we must not waste that much space in a tape.

So, finally I found a command to put away the poor mark in a tape. In a Command Prompt window at your Cell Manager browse to $DATAPROTECTOR_HOMEbin then use the following command:

omnimm -reset_poor_medium Medium_ID

Where to get the tape ID?
Medium ID is the ID of the tape in Data Protector.

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